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Monica Trevino

En ICM ayudamos a la construcción de un mundo en el que las personas no seamos desechadas por ninguna razón.

Fernando Frontan Quevedo

En el año 2000 conocí ICM...una iglesia que aceptaba a la gente diversa, la incluía, anunciaba y practicaba la liberación, la comunidad, la fraternidad, la solidaridad, el compromiso con la justicia.

Francisco Ferreira Junior

Na ICM eu posso ser quem eu sou, sem nenhum tipo de máscaras, posso me declarar gay, cristão, pastor, enfim, um ser humano que vive a plenitude da comunhão de minha sexualidade e espiritualidade.

Wanda Floyd

We were made in the image of God and MCC’s all around the world accept, embrace and celebrate this truth in every worship service, unapologetically. I am grateful for MCC and the many lives that have been saved due to its existence.

Dan Koeshall

MCC was founded and is created specifically for people who celebrate their LGBTQ+ identity as a unique and gifted creation of God. We welcome those who have been spiritually wounded and who’ve ever been told they are “less than” and are now seeking a relationship with God. Love is our greatest moral value.

Myke Sotero

We in MCC believe that God’s love is universal and unconditional. All people have a rightful place in God’s open table. When we come to God’s table, we come as we are with both our spirituality and sexuality.

Pat Bumgardner

The pursuit of social justice is at the heart of MCC's founding vision….[and] many MCC churches are central to the wider community's economic well-being and health….

Alex Pittaway

Little by little I started to rebuild my faith and MCC gave me the freedom to do that without forcing me this way or that.

Aaron Miller

MCC continues to find new and better ways to say “you are warmly welcome here” for those who seek beloved community and spiritual growth…a place where, beyond welcome, we are also celebrated for who we are and who we love.

David Monge

ICM es una iglesia inclusiva, de puertas abiertas, es decir, donde todas las personas son bienvenidas sin discriminación.

Kharma Amos

MCC continues to teach me every day and in every way that we have Queer Gifts that need to be shared with the world.

Nancy Maxwell

I find in MCC a place where diverse beliefs are respected...I also belong to the MCC faith community because it has the ability to challenge and expose cultural oppression and uproot social injustices.

Luke Shannon

In MCC I never feel like I'm fake or putting on a show to make other people happy. And I always know I have people in my life who want the best for me.

Rebecca Wilson

Since joining MCC, my faith has been renewed and I’ve rediscovered my purpose for living.

Wes Mullins

When I found MCC it truly saved my life, and I am so grateful to be a part of this movement that shares God's love with all of God's rainbow children.

Lauren Bennett

One of the things I love about MCC is that one has the space and ability to see God and get to know God in different ways.

Leo Rossetti

É através da ICM que consigo exercer o meu chamado à justiça social e à busca pela paz no mundo. É através da comunhão que tenho com meus irmãos e irmãs que eu consigo forças para lutar por um mundo mais livre e igualitário, sem as correntes do racismo, do machismo, do classismo e da LGBTfobia. E eu só posso fazer isso porque a ICM me apresentou um Deus radicalmente amoroso, um Deus que subvertendo a lógica do mundo, celebra a vida conosco.

Wendy Hamilton

In many ways, MCC found me, and for that am eternally grateful. MCC is definitely the place to be.

Steve Pieters

MCC was at the forefront of mobilizing the fight against HIV/AIDS from the very beginning of the AIDS crisis, when pastors and lay leaders were called on to minister to people living and dying with HIV/AIDS.

Marie Alford Harkey

What’s interesting about MCC is that we have a variety of understandings around theology, sexuality, and gender, and people are generally open to learning about identities that are different from theirs.

Candace Shultis

There are still people all over the world who need to know that God does not hate them, but God loves them, completely and fully, just as they are. That MCC message is needed as much today as it was over 50 years ago!

Lillie Brock

In MCC, love is love and we want to celebrate that in all its many forms!

Paul Mokgethi Heath

Caring for people through the process of getting onto [HIV] treatment, counselling them through the side effects, supporting them through the relationships which suffered, it became our core business. We were no longer the congregation with people dying regularly of AIDS related illnesses, now we were a congregation of survivors.

Cristiano Valerio

Dentro da ICM nós compartilhamos uma forte convicção de que, em se tratando de fé, ainda não foi dito tudo. É sempre possível ir mais fundo, para alcançar uma melhor compreensão de nossas crenças.

Elaine Saralegui

La cuestión del amor ágape entendido en el sentido de justicia, no para cualquier grupo oprimido, sino para todas las personas, es algo que compromete a ICM en cualquier lucha que tenga la justicia social y los DDHH como principio…..Entendemos ICM como una comunidad que es parte de las contiendas por la justicia, por crear un mundo mejor y posible.

Mike Haase

The Metropolitan Community Church has always maintained a singing faith. Music has been used during times of trial and times of celebration. Even in the midst of AIDS, people expressed sorrow in song and somehow found it more bearable. Through music, we let the world know how fun and moving good worship can be.

Alberto Najera

ICM (Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana) es llamada la iglesia de los Derechos Humanos por ser pionera en estar junto a los marginados y discriminados. Ha tenido la misión de construir puentes de inclusión, sanación y reconciliación, pero sobre todo la responsabilidad en medio de la intolerancia de hacer brillar el mensaje del evangelio inclusivo para todos.

Nancy Wilson

From the beginning, MCC pushed the envelope, insisting that we were a “full service church,” and that included same-sex weddings.

Yivi Cruz Suarez

Somos regalos de Dios ... por eso la ICM tiene el compromiso de construir puentes de reconciliación con la Creación y la naturaleza toda. Como mismo celebramos la dignidad de las personas, debemos celebrar el cuidado de la Tierra.

Isabel Marquez

Si desea que su familia tenga una nueva experiencia de fe, visite ICM.

Colleen Foley

I have found MCC churches to be where people are welcomed to come just as they are - wherever they are on their spiritual journey of discovering who they are and who they are meant to be.

Cathy Alexander

[In MCC] leadership takes many forms, whether that is in the pulpit of a church preaching, being an activist on the street or in the halls of government, in the food kitchen or in the boardroom.

Colleen Darraugh

MCC is aware that there is a growing aging population of out LGBTQ people around the world…. Whether you are a senior, concerned about still having community as you age, or a younger person responsible for caring for a senior, there’s a place for you in MCC.

Brent Hawkes

Acts of justice have been a core of what MCC has been about since its very beginning and we have tried to live out the teachings of Jesus to care for the poor, the sick, the prisoner, etc.

Jeferson Rodrigues

O Papel da Igrejas da Comunidade Metropolitana e de nosso chamado profético não é o de justificar a opressão ou as desigualdades. Em hipótese alguma devemos utilizar a Bíblia ou qualquer dispositivo de nossa fé para conformar, silenciar ou sufocar as dores de quem quer que seja.

Waltter Lopez

En ICM rescatamos el Espíritu de las primeras comunidades Cristianas que vivían y experimentaban su Espiritualidad de una manera familiar, espontánea y libre!

Alejandro Escoto

Creo que MCC/ICM acepta abiertamente y orgullosos pastores LGBTQ+ a diferencia de otras denominaciones ...Nuestros pastores no sólo pueden predicar y enseñar a los congregantes a ser auténticamente abiertos en cuanto a su sexualidad y género, también, vivir esta autenticidad en todos los aspectos de sus vidas.

Andrew Ramage

One of the great ministries that MCC worldwide shares is making the unseen visible, dragging into the light the inequalities and injustices that have flourished in the dark. That is truly transformational work.

DeWayne Davis

MCC has been persistent and unapologetic in its testimony to a fundamental truth that too many find hard to believe . . . Black life is beautiful. Black life is worth protecting. Black Lives Matter.

Keith Mozingo

MCC is a unique church and movement, a community of Faith that doesn’t just tolerate people who are “different,” but celebrates each individual….MCC has [also] never been afraid to stand up to oppressive systems and make life better for everyone. It’s more than a Church…it’s a way of Life.

Viviane Paiva

Lembro-me do primeiro culto, do espanto com o ambiente tão marcado pela liturgia e ao mesmo tempo lugar de acolhimento igualitário. A Palavra partilhada, as músicas, os sorrisos e os abraços inundaram meu coração de graça e uma mudança deu-se em meu ser a partir daquele encontro.

Hector Gutierrez

Una misión de ICM nos une y nos lleva a dar un mensaje valiente en la defensa de los derechos humanos, en el fortalecimiento del empoderamiento de las mujeres, en la igualdad de todas las personas en nuestras comunidades.

Carolyn Mobley Bowie

Since its founding...MCC have expressed a righteous concern for racial justice (and gender equality) right along side of their concern for LGBT equality….MCC has a Divine Mandate from Jesus, which we take seriously, to welcome, love, include and serve all God’s children, with a special emphasis and outreach to those who have been excluded by others.