Can I Get Married at an MCC Church?

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Can I Get Married at an MCC Church?

I am so glad you asked! Yes, you can get married in an MCC Church! In fact, it surprises most people that we have been marrying people since our beginning in 1968! In MCC, love is love and we want to celebrate that in all its many forms!

What is your situation?

Are you a lesbian or gay male couple?
Since gay marriage is legal in many countries, many MCC/ICM churches can legally marry you OR we can marry you with God, friends, and family as witnesses.

Are you a bisexual couple wanting to identify in that way?
We are happy to marry bisexual couples and affirm your relationship in whatever way is most meaningful to you.

Are you gender queer or gender fluid couple?
We are happy to celebrate your relationship in whatever ways give you life, meaning and affirmation. Whether as a legal union or in the eyes of God, friends and family, we are happy to marry you!

Are you transgender?
It is our honor to affirm transgender relationships and we will work with you to determine the best way to affirm your relationships. When possible, we will marry you legally and always, we will marry you in the eyes of God, friends, family, and family of choice.

Are you polyamorous?
There are some churches in MCC that do not perform marriage for those in polyamorous relationships, but there are many that do. While under the law, it is not currently legal to marry polyamorous people in many countries, but we would be glad to help you find an MCC church or clergy person who would be happy to marry you in the sight of God, friends, and family and family of choice.

Are you heterosexual?
Love relationships of all kinds matter to us and so we are happy to celebrate and affirm heterosexual relationships through legal marriage or in the eyes of God, friends, family, and family of choice.

In MCC, love is love and we want to celebrate that in all its many forms!

It is important to us to make a space for love relationships of all kinds and join people in marriage when that seems best for those involved. We also like to have opportunities for our clergy to meet with you, help plan your union, and check in on the health and vitality of your relationship. We also like to invite you to be accepting of many kinds of relationships different than you own.

We believe that this rite of the church and legal right is an important part of our affirmation of all kinds of expressions of love and commitment. It embodies inclusion, acceptance, and an acknowledgement of the inherent value of every person in the eyes of God.

It would be our pleasure to celebrate your life and loves.


Lillie BrockABOUT THIS MCC AUTHOR:  Rev. Elder Lillie Brock is currently the Senior Pastor of Church of the Trinity MCC in Sarasota, Florida. Rev. Lillie has a long history of 35 years in MCC and over that time, has been a member of 8 different MCC churches. She was ordained to professional ministry in 2000 and was elected an Elder in our denomination in 2003 and served in that role for a decade. Rev. Lillie has said, “For me, MCC is a most unique spiritual community because it has been built on our desire to love God, do justice and be together rather than on doctrine. In this, there is so much freedom to suspend judgement and embrace the idea that everyone is free to work out their own relationship with God.” Rev. Lillie lives in Sarasota, FL with her partner, Kate Savage and their pets — Chip, Zorro, and Bella.