MCC Kampala

Located in Nansana Along Hoima Road, Kumusanvu Munana Ocheng Zone


About this MCC church:  We are a grassroots upcoming Faith-based group/ Emerging MCC Church called MCC Kampala – The Liberty Africa Youth Foundation (TLAYF). Our membership of between 50 – 100 youth’s ages ranging between 21 – 39 years with objectives.

1. To share the word of God by reading Holy Scriptures and singing hymns, sharing the day to day life stories weekly meetings and sharing of day to day life stories. We are in Partnership with MCC Church of the Trinity which assist us financially and spirituality.

2. To do counseling and support the HIV/AIDS Victims and their relatives and encourage all people such as the disabled persons, children and marginalized. (The door to door and street free counseling services is already in place)

3. Outreaches/pastoral visits. All these are being done but funds limiting us as there is more support needed financially because of the continuous cases day by day.

4. To set goals together in fighting against unemployment, poverty, ignorance and diseases by training members in various business skills and supporting each other’s self-employment.

To bring about a harmonious and equal society by providing health, economic, spiritual and social services to marginalized people as well as engaging with main stream communities in order to bring about understanding and tolerance.

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