Imago Dei MCC

535 Lamp Post Lane
Aston, PA 19014
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About this MCC church:  The ministry of Imago Dei MCC is based on a four-prong approach that include Worship, Spiritual Enrichment, Faith in Action and Congregational Life.

1. WORSHIP – At Imago Dei MCC Worship is something more than fulfilling a sense of obligation. We strive to make our gatherings for worship transformational. We may use some traditional forms but we also use fresh expressions to emphasize the spiritual principles of what we are doing. Our objective is to have every person who is part of one of our Worship Gatherings changed with new insight, better relationship, fuller awareness and/or motivation to action because of their experience.

2. SPIRITUAL ENRICHMENT – Part of Imago Dei’s MCC’s understanding of what it means to be church includes providing individuals opportunities to grow in their understanding and practice of their faith. We are well aware that no two people have exactly the same faith and that faith is nourished in different ways for different people so we not only provide studies or classes we create opportunities for discussion. We also encourage individuals to develop personal spiritual practices and encouraging them to live in ways that reflect what they believe.

3. FAITH IN ACTION – Imago Dei’s theology is rooted in the understanding that we are called to make a difference for the better in the world in which we live. As a community of faith we believe we are called to raise our consciousness about the injustice and social challenges of our time and to find hands-on ways to faithfully address them. That’s why you might see members of our church marching for more reasonable gun policies, volunteering at an LGBTQIA Youth support group or providing food for the hungry.

4. CONGREGATIONAL LIFE – At Imago Dei MCC we understand why more and more people say they are spiritual but not religious. Many of us know first-hand the harm that has been done by religious institutions claiming to be church. HOWEVER, we also have experienced first-hand the benefits of community. Being part of Imago Dei helps us to claim and celebrate our invaluable worth as well as the invaluable worth of every individual. And the support found in our community helps us to heal and challenges us to grow even more fully into the person we were created to be. We are committed to the understanding that God has called us to be here for and with each other.

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