Come As You Are MCC

4712 Oxford Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124
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About this MCC church:  A God ordained safe place of worship that invites everyone to simply Come As You Are; not that we would be made comfortable in our chaos but that by the Grace of God we would yet be changed.

The mandate and mission of Come As You Are Community Church is that “All” are truly welcome regardless of what conditions, situations or life challenges they face or wilderness experience they endure we welcome them. We seek to restore dignity to the marginalized and the set aside; to empower the voices that are silent because they feel inadequate or unworthy. Our work is done inside and outside the walls of the church as we credit God for the intense community presence that we have. At every service those in need receive a free hot meal and clean clothing is available.

On Sunday July 1, 2018 we become a movement responding to the audible cry of God’s people. We stand as instruments of Christ for freedom, justice and equality. We partner for the spiritual, social, political, cultural, economic, moral and personal concerns that plague our world. Suffering in silence has never been an option yet our stillness secured our role as victim. We must partner together for what is right in the sight of God. Identification with the struggle is not necessary to recognize the struggle. Discrimination has no boundaries and no preferences. Today may not be our turn but in the days to come we shall all surely have to do our time labeled and treated as the outcast and marginalized. It’s time to say “No” to what has pillaged humanity for so long. Join us at 4712 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19124 as we take to the sanctuary and the streets to build a Kingdom for the glory of God not man.

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