LifeJourney Church MCC

2950 E 55th Pl
Indianapolis, Indiana
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About this MCC church:  LifeJourney Church is called to be thoughtfully different followers of Jesus, seeking to create a radically-inclusive, warmly-welcoming, open-minded spiritual community; by passionately learning to live in the ways of Jesus, by supporting and defending the poor, marginalized, and hurting, and by helping to transform Christianity from something snarly and judgmental to something beautiful and loving.

At LifeJourney Church, you will be challenged to follow Jesus daily, but you will not be forced into a neat little box and expected to think exactly like everybody else.

We’re not the kind of church that believes everybody ought to think the same, look the same, or act the same. And we don’t have all the answers. But we are powerfully drawn to Jesus, and want to learn to live in his Way. To us, the Bible is not some dusty ol’ book of rules frozen in time, but a living, breathing, still-speaking word from God. We are a multicultural congregation, very diverse, filled with LOVE. Come as you are…EVERYBODY’s welcome!

You will find a warm welcome whoever you are — straight or gay, white or black, Asian or Hispanic, conservative or liberal, old or young, rich or poor, married or single, transgender or any gender identity. Like the early Church, we are a multicultural congregation!

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