Agape’ MCC

4615 California Pkwy E
Fort Worth, Texas 76119
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About this MCC church:  Agape’ is a place where God’s people can come together, touch each other, and in community, praise God. It is also the place where we can all be renewed to reach out and offer God’s blessings and words to those that have not yet heard of a God who loves and cares for all people.

We are a group of people using the teachings of Jesus the Christ as a basis of our faith while incorporating global faith traditions into our beliefs. We strive to create a safe environment for individual growth and free expression of ideas.

We are people, the body of Christ, the hands, feet, and voice of God in our place in time, showing forth God’s call for justice and peace, for a meaningful life for all people.

Our Mission – With open hearts, open minds, and open arms, Agape’ MCC is a nurturing faith community seeking God’s will by celebrating inclusive worship, redefining family, and providing a voice for justice.

Our Core Values – We believe that a sacred space: Welcomes and affirms all people; Does not “stand idly by” in the face of inequity and injustice: Communicates the unconditional love of God for all; Improves the spiritual connections between each person and God as she or he understands God.

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