MCC Portland

3880 SE Brooklyn
Portland, Oregon 97202
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About this MCC church:  Welcome to Metropolitan Community Church of Portland. In worshiping with us, you not only unite with brothers and sisters in Portland, but you are also in spiritual communion with a progressive, inclusive worldwide movement of more than 222 churches in 37 countries around the world.

We are a Christian congregation that affirms those who seek God in a variety of ways. We encourage spiritual growth through worship, prayer, learning and service. Though our individual theological beliefs differ widely, our mutual commitment to love, justice and spiritual living gives us a unifying bond.

We are a people who have grown up in a variety of religious traditions — or no religious tradition. We have experienced spiritual life in this community and invite you to join us as we grow together, contribute to each other’s spiritual journeys, and offer our time and talents to serve our community.

MCC is committed to being a vital, relevant and public voice for the full inclusion of all people with special outreach to gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight and transgendered people in the rights and benefits of our city, state and nation as well as the Church. Combining our faith with action we support and uphold other organizations that seek justice for all people.


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