MCC Albuquerque

1103 Texas St NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110
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About this MCC church:  The Mission of Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque is to embrace, inspire, and excite each person’s spiritual journey in this faith community.

Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque is a safe place for all people to worship. We celebrate God’s diversity that is expressed by people from all races, creeds, ages, cultural backgrounds, gender identity and sexual orientation.

We are a different kind of church. We value our differences as much as our common ground. We celebrate all forms of self-expressions, identities and orientations. We don’t all believe the same things, like the same music or interpret sacred scriptures the same way. But what brings us together, and keeps us together, is God’s love–expressed to all, given freely to all and uniting us all. Our communion table is always open and there is a place waiting for you.


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