MCC Charlotte (aka Queen City Worship Center)

Queen City Worship Center
7121 Orr Rd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28213
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About this MCC church:  At MCCC (aka Queen City Worship Center) you will find a Rainbow Community of Faith, whose ministry is to welcome all people to their rightful place at God’s table. We teach the value of never excluding someone because they may be different. We break down barriers that separate us from God, and from one another.

You will find a diverse people, learning how to live together, to love and care for one another, the world around us and ourselves. We offer a place of care, acceptance and compassion. We live life to the fullest and teach others about living life as exemplified by Jesus the Christ.

You will find a philosophy that the bonds of family run deeper than biology. We respect the many expressions and possibilities of family in our modern world. We believe that children are cherished gifts from God and provide care and faith formation possibilities geared especially for them.

You will find worship that is affirming and inspiring. We celebrate our diversity by blending worship elements from many faith traditions and through the use of inclusive language. We offer the Sacrament of Holy Communion each week, which is open to everyone who desires to celebrate the banquet of live. There are no membership requirements at God’s table.

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