MCC of Louisville

2608 Browns Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40220
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About this MCC church:

We are a Christ-centered church that focuses on the teachings, example, and life of Jesus the Christ. We celebrate the diversity, inclusiveness, and unconditional love that Jesus lived, taught, and called us to follow. We believe in Social Justice and Equality for all people because the ministry of Jesus was exactly that. We believe that the love, peace, and promises of Jesus were offered freely to every person. We do not believe that fighting over doctrine and legalism is what Jesus had in mind for the church he created. You can be who you are at MCC Louisville. We believe if there is anything about you or your life that Jesus wishes to change, well; that is what the Holy Spirit is for and about. We do not believe judgment belongs to anyone but the Creator who made everything. In fact, we believe that judgment and legalism continue to harm the church and drives people away from God.

We invite you to come experience a worship service where you can commune with God, celebrating the individual you are. A beautiful and precious gift that God created and sent into this to the world! You truly are welcome here! Come visit us!

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