MCC Key West

1215 Petronia St
Key West, Florida
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About this MCC church:  As the island’s home for liberating spirituality, MCC Key West’s mission is to witness God’s inclusive and transforming love in the world.

We believe that love is the root of God’s message borne out on the life and teachings of Jesus. This is where we begin – seeking to love each other. Some would like to suggest that judgment is God’s first priority. This is not our belief or practice.

We are called to live out our faith in our relationship in the world. We are called to love broadly and to seek fullness of life for all people. This means we will act on behalf of others, addressing injustice and seeking peace with our neighbors and our enemies. We also seek service that will advance our God’s realm here on earth.

MCC Key West and other Progressive Christians believe that there are many ways to approach God. We recognize and value the differences among Christian traditions and have respect for other faiths as well. We seek to be in conversation with members of other denominations and faiths.

We don’t perceive a split between religion and science but believe that each has gifts to bring to the search for truth. God’s universe is wonderful and mysterious. The same impulses that lead people of science to explore new frontiers also inspire people of faith. Even though these worlds can clash, they can also complement each other. We have many scientists in our congregation!

We believe that the spiritual journey is an unpredictable one. Sometimes we feel sure; other times our doubt is as strong as our faith. We consider that ebb and flow to be a part of the journey. We gather in community to support and be supported in that journey.

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