Beyond These Walls MCC

2000 Rio de Janeiro Ave., Suite 6
Punta Gorda, Florida
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About this MCC church:  Beyond These Walls MCC is a spiritual community welcoming everyone. We offer hope through our message and actions that demonstrate God’s unconditional love. We value self-identity. We seek to be the voice, which transforms, seeking justice in our world.

Inclusion: We will extend hospitality to the newcomer and to those who are different from ourselves. We will not limit ourselves to just the LGBTQ population but seek to be a community that is not defined or limited by age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or socioeconomic status.

Community: We will strive for a ministry that is guided by grace and shares physical and spiritual hospitality within our walls and beyond. We will strive to form authentic and honest relationships. We will engage with the local community, giving back to the people, and supporting all possible efforts to improve human rights.

Spiritual Transformation: We will serve, without exception, expecting nothing in return. And we will be authentic with ourselves continuing to seek our conscious contact with God as we continue to awaken and expand our relationship with the Divine.

Social Action: We will help those who continue to be marginalized by society. We will advocate for climate change and strive to be a green organization. We will stand together with our community to right the injustices in our world, near and far, working together to build a better future for those who will follow us, always keeping God in the center to guide our journey.

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