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  1. Our Churches in District of Columbia
  2. Religious profile of District of Columbia

    District of Columbia is tied for 27th most religious state overall

    53% of adults in District of Columbia are “highly religious,” based on an overall index

    50% (27th) say religion is very important in their lives

    28% (44th) say they attend worship services at least weekly

    51% (29th) say they pray daily

    55% (42nd) say they believe in God with absolute certainty

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    Quick Facts About LGBTQ District of Columbia

    Total State Population: 702,455 (Census 2018)

    Total Adult Population: 574,961 (Census 2018)

    Total LGBTQ Adult Population: 56,000 (Gallup/Williams 2018)

    % of Adults (18+) Who are LGBTQ: 9.8% (Gallup/Williams 2018)

    % of LGBTQ Adults (25+) Raising Children: 9% (Gallup/Williams 2018)


    District of Columbia’s LGBTQ Policy Tally

    Sexual Orientation Policy Tally: 15.5/18.5 (HIGH)

    Gender Identity Policy Tally: 17/20 (HIGH)

    Overall Tally: 32.5/38.5 (HIGH)

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