Valley Ministries MCC

4118 Coronado Ave
Stockton, California
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About this MCC church:   Valley Ministries is a Christ centered church. We believe that God loves us and desires to have a sustained relationship with us. I John 4 tells us that ‘God is love.’ Love is not just one of God’s characteristics, but it is the very nature of God.

This love from God is not just a concept, but a life changing reality. We can boldly enter into God’s presence seeking grace and mercy to help us through any time of need (Hebrews 4:16). It is a privilege to be loved by God, but this love is not just for a privileged few. This love is offered without reservation to “all” who receive it. It is a free gift! Our life, therefore, is not an exam designed to find out if we qualify for salvation, rather a response to the relationship that God has extended to us.

We also believe that the Church should be a biblical extension of God’s love. It has, unfortunately, been widely misrepresented in recent times. Rather than being a reflection of God’s love, the church has become a disparaging misrepresentation of God. The purpose of the church is not to judge the sin of those who may or may not enter the doors of it’s building. The purpose of the church is to be a living model of the love of Christ – without compromise, without condition, and without retreat.

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