MCC San Francisco

MCC San Francisco is located at Trinity-St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in St. Mary’s Chapel
1620 Gough St.
San Francisco, California
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About this MCC church:  MCCSF’s Vision, Mission, Values and Goals were established and agreed upon by the Congregation of Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco in 2004.

We are a House of Prayer for All People and a Home for Queer Spirituality. We see a transformed world, where every life matters and every person belongs.

We, of the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco, are a beloved community joining together from diverse spiritual backgrounds and ministering primarily within the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered Community as a house of prayer of all people and a home for queer spirituality.  We are a new witness of God’s radically inclusive love, while we recognize our connection to the historical Christian church.  We are called to a prophetic ministry of peace and social justice. Therefore, we see as equally important the nurturance and growth of our congregation and communities, and our active involvement in the society around us.

Equality: We believe that all people are equally deserving of God’s love and that all people share inalienable human rights.
Radical Inclusion: We believe our understanding of the divine deepens by demonstrating radical inclusion and compassion, embracing the diversity of all people and all beings.
Spiritual Transformation: We believe in being the change we seek through the transformation of self, and by the respect, love, and honor we give one another.
Social Action: We believe that God has no hands but ours, no feet but ours, no face but ours; therefore, we believe it is our spiritual responsibility to promote social action.

Spirituality: We are queer people who seek to understand ourselves in relation to a God of many names or no name at all.
Community: We build and grow a community of queer people, family and friends that is local and global, physical and virtual.
Social Action: We create and implement social action programs to improve the quality of life in the communities around us.
Proclamations: We proclaim who we are to the world with integrity and through our relationships, so that others may find us and join us.
Education: We educate people about queer spirituality and empower people to live their spirituality in the world.
Sustainable Finance: We manage and invest our financial assets responsibly to support the needs of our beloved community and to increase the acts of compassion we do in God’s many names.
Sacred Space: We create and maintain sacred space for spirit, thought, and action that is ample and accessible for our beloved community and those we serve.
People as Resource: We develop, manage, and engage people—including staff, clergy, volunteers, donors and supporters—to achieve personal, spiritual, and professional fulfillment.

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