aChurch4Me MCC

7366 N Clark St
Chicago, Illinois
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About this MCC church:  The aChurch4Me community is one of spirituality, faith, and connection. We are a diverse congregation and welcome all walks of life, paths of faith, and spiritual connection. At a aChurch4Me MCC, all are welcome to join us as we grow together in community.

We Are The Human Rights Church. We celebrate that Love is a blessing, diversity a gift, worship a celebration, and life a journey! At aChurch4Me, we believe in the exploration and expansion of meaning, purpose, healthy relationships, and that which is our passion. We believe in true connection, and growing deeper in relationship with ourselves, others, and our higher power. Our goal is to bring positive purpose to our community and beyond. We invite you to join us in community and worship.

Creating Community. Together we are creating a community where paths cross and interconnect while we journey through life, explore spirituality, and celebrate all God is and what God is doing. We believe the time has come to work together to create a community where we face our challenges, celebrate who we are, and encounter god through the experiences, stories, and shared interactions.

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