MCC of the Quad Cities

2930 W Locust St
Davenport, Iowa 52804
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About this MCC church:   Hi! I am known around here as “Pastor Rich,” and it has been my privilege to serve as pastor of MCC QC since Fall of 2004. I choose to pastor here because this congregation has a deep commitment to serving others and to creating a culture of love, trust and appreciation.

Here are a few of my beliefs, which I share freely in worship on Sunday mornings:
• Religion is about rules and about power and control – yuk!
•Spirituality is about our relationship to God, to others and to the world around us – yeah!
•Church should be guilt-free
•God does not care who we have sex with, but cares deeply about how we treat one another
•People should never be “owned” but we are all connected and should seek to live in relationships characterized by mutual love and affection
•There are many paths to God and many names for the Holy One and we can learn much from others
•Jesus is my chosen path
•The Bible does not condemn homosexuality, but does condemn inhospitality, rape and idolatry
•God honors our honest questions and searching
•God loves diversity

You do not have to agree with everything that I believe to participate or to be a member of MCC QC. I do not claim to have all of the answers – even to my own questions! I do encourage you to ask hard questions and to seek answers.

You and your spiritual journey are welcome at MCC QC.

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