Safe Harbour MCC

Southernhay URC
Ex11QD Exeter, Devon
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About this MCC church:  Safe Harbour MCC is an inclusive and reconciling Christian church in Exeter, UK. We provide a safe place for all people to worship, and a vibrant spiritual home for anyone who visits or wishes to share their spiritual journey with us.

Led by our pastor Rev Mia Briggs, we have a particular calling to minister to the LGBTQIA community, as well as others who experience discrimination or bullying from other faith-based groups or societal situations.

Christ call us to welcome, include and liberate. We stand for these values, and against the hate and division preached by some other churches. Our explicit ethos of inclusivity and reconciliation attracts people from a wide cross section of society. Everyone is welcome to join us on an adventure of spirituality and faith — and that means that you will be very welcome.

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