MCC Toronto

115 Simpson Ave.
Toronto ON M4k 1A1
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About this MCC church:   Our mission is to build bridges with a vibrant spirituality that transforms lives and transforms the world.  Our vision is to be a growing, inclusive, spiritual community that creates a just, kind and loving world for all.  Our Core Values: Spirituality, Advocacy, Diversity.

For 45 years, the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto (MCC Toronto) has been helping shape Canadian values of inclusion, diversity and equality. A place of worship – and a place of action – MCC Toronto is a vibrant, inclusive and progressive church rooted in the Christian faith and the LGBTQ2+ community that is open and welcoming to all, with a commitment to diversity and inclusion and a mission to advance Human Rights for all.

MCC Toronto remains on the forefront of ground-breaking Human Rights and social justice work and was the site for the world’s first legalized same gender marriage in 2001. MCC Toronto is home to 800+ engaged members, the award-winning Choir of MCC Toronto, and the Triangle Program, the first LGBTQ2+ high school in Canada. MCC Toronto is also home to a LGBTQ+ Refugee Program that supports over 850 refugee claimants a year and is the only Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) in Canada that exclusively sponsors and resettles LGBTQ+ refugees.

Within and beyond its walls, MCC Toronto offers a stream of public-facing program for community and member engagement.

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