MCC in the News : 2020s

    • La iglesia cubana que abre sus puertas a la comunidad LGBTIQ

      Diciembre de 2020 (Cuba) – ICM es una confesión protestante que plantea una interpretación liberal del cristianismo, basada en el respeto, el amor y la justicia. En Cuba, no solo da la bienvenida a la comunidad LGBTIQ, sino también a quienes adscriben a religiones afrocubanas, desaprobadas en la mayoría de las iglesias del país….

    • For Clergy Who Ministered Through the AIDS Crisis Covid is Both Eerily Familiar and Puzzlingly Different

      December 2020 (U.S.) – This article explores MCC as the ‘Church with AIDS,’ its paralells with COVID, and it includes interviews with various past and present MCC pastors.

    • A book and a family tree uncover Hamilton’s little-known role in gay liberation

      December 2020 (Hamilton – LA – U.S.) – In Robert Fieseler’s book, “Tinderbox: The Untold Story of the Up Stairs Lounge Fire and the Rise of Gay Liberation,” Fiesler reviews the event that was for decades the deadliest crime against the LGBTQ+ community in the United States; and he thoroughly explores the life, death, and legacy of MCC’s Rev. Bill Larson.

    • Community — Finding, Losing and Reshaping

      December 2020 (North Carolina – U.S.) – In this article Rev. Paul Whiting (pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of Charlotte and Governing Board member for MCC) explores ways to stay connected, maintain faith and reshape the concept of community in the chaos of the pandemic.

    • Taylor County Democrats hold vigil for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

      November 2020 (Texas – U.S.) – “[T]he Democratic Party of Taylor County held a vigil outside of Abilene City Hall for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Members of the Abilene community gathered to pay their respects…including…Senior Pastor Reverend Marsha Warren [of Exodus MCC]… saying ‘She stood up and said no, this is our democracy. This is who we are. We are the land of the free, for everyone. Not just some of the people, but all of the people….'”

    • Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana: quem ama inclui

      Outubro de 2020 (Fortaleza – Brasil) – Das muitas formas de manifestar o “ser cristão”, a ICM seguiu pelo caminho da acolhida e do diálogo. Realizando trabalhos diaconais com moradores de rua, e com forte atuação junto à comunidade LGBTQI+, vem caindo na graça de famílias de Norte a Sul do Brasil. Para conhecer um pouco mais os trabalhos desenvolvidos pela ICM, suas práticas e fonte norteadora, fomos conversar com o reverendo Francisco Ferreira Júnior, responsável pela ICM Fortaleza.

    • Iglesia incluyente realiza primer boda espiritual del mismo sexo en Querétaro

      October 2020 (México – Querétaro) – “Puentes de luz, es un espacio espiritual incluyente que pertenece a la Fraternidad de Iglesias de la Comunidad Metropolitana (ICM), que en el mes de la libertad (septiembre) en México, realiza por primera vez en Querétaro, la primer boda espiritual de dos mujeres que se unen para conformar una familia diversa, en compañía de sus familias y defensores/as de derechos humanos como invitados especiales”.

    • Houston church’s Black Lives Matter banner targeted for second time

      October 2020 (U.S. – Texas) – “We’ve been targeted twice because we’re saying something that’s true and that people disagree with,” said Pastor Troy Threash of Resurrection MCC.

    • Faith, God and Family: Examining LGB attitudes toward transgender people

      September 2020 (U.S. – New York) – “All of us must self-examine to find the hidden obstacles to our own spiritual growth,” said Rev. Jim Mulcahy, a Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) pastor….”

    • Lunch Boxes of Love: Raleigh LGBTQ Church Supports Those in Need During the Pandemic

      August 2020 (U.S. – North Carolina) – While St. John’s serves anyone in the community, regardless of their identity, Haywood says that added stressors of the pandemic have caused an increase in the numbers of LGBTQ people they are seeing throughout the day….

    • Fernando Frontán, el pastor y activista gay que se dedica a la rehabilitación de adictos en el camp

      2020 de Agosto (Montevideo, Uruguay) – Fernando Frontán ha sido pionero en varios rubros…. En 2006 se convirtió en el primer uruguayo abiertamente gay en ordenarse como pastor de la protestante Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropoliana….

    • Rev. Vickey Gibbs, Activist in a Progressive Church, Dies at 57

      July 2020 (U.S. – Texas) – “Gibbs had been part of Resurrection [MCC] for almost 40 years, since she looked in one day and saw a room full of mostly gay white men — a home, and also a challenge. She was a young lesbian raised in the Missionary Baptist church, and Resurrection became a place to find her calling and to help build a large, racially diverse, politically engaged congregation.”

    • Ana Ester: uma reverenda lésbica defende a religiosidade aberta às sexualidades

      Julho 2020 – (Brasil) – No Paz e Bem, uma conversa com a reverenda Ana Ester, ministra ordenada pelas Igrejas da Comunidade Metropolitana. Ana Ester é jornalista e teóloga, mestra e doutora em Ciências da Religião. Na conversa, uma apresentação reflexiva sobre seu percurso pessoal, a descoberta da sexualidade divergente e relação da sexualidade com a igreja. Uma breve história das Igrejas da Comunidade Metropolitana, que Ana Ester apresenta como a primeira igreja inclusiva do mundo.

    • “LA Pride 50th Anniversary Celebration” on ABC7 will pay tribute to the history of the LGBTQ+ community in Los Angeles

      July 2020 (U.S. – California) – ABC7 presented “LA Pride 50th Anniversary Celebration….guests include grand marshal [MCC founder] Rev. Troy Perry as the community grand marshal….

    • Vigil for justice to embrace all faiths, cultures and traditions

      July 2020 (U.S. – Florida) – The Native American spiritual practice known as “prayer ties” will be incorporated into a multicultural, nondenominational “Vigil of Remembrance, Justice, and Commitment” that will be held at the Church of the Trinity MCC in Sarasota Wednesday night in response to the death of George Floyd….

    • As gun violence continues, Minneapolis marchers plead for peace

      July 2020 (U.S. – Minnesota) – The Rev. DeWayne Davis, a North Side resident and pastor at All God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church, said the violence is a culmination of long societal neglect of minority communities and lost confidence in law enforcement.

Doce cubanas que ya deberías conocer

Junio 2020 (Cuba) – Ejerciendo un ministerio que ella misma define como “radicalmente inclusivo”, Elaine Saralegui Caraballo es la primera pastora autorizada en el país por la Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana (ICM).

  • Loving, adapting amid coronavirus pandemic to LGBTQ community – Raleigh church reaches out to neighbors

    May 2020 (U.S. – North Carolina) – Five days a week, St. John’s MCC serves hot meals to people experiencing homelessness and keeps its building open as a day shelter…Due to the coronavirus, the meal program has expanded to include to-go, drive-through and delivery meal services. The regular program continues to operate, with additional sanitation measures in place….

  • The reality COVID-19 perpetuates for Queer/POC communities

    April 2020 (U.S. – New Jersey) – “I can’t afford to stay home, especially when transgender people of color don’t have access to their means to live,” said Sergio Mato, full-time worker at MCCNY….Right now, MCCNY is using everything in their power to assist in the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • São Paulo terá a primeira reverenda trans de uma igreja cristã na América Latina

    Março de 2020 (Brasil -São Paulo) – Pastora, Alexya Salvador pertence à ICM (Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana), congregação evangélica que destoa de outras vertentes por ser aberta à comunidade LGBT.

  • Brighton church starts Communion via Skype

    March 2020 (U.K. – Brighton) – On Sunday Rev Michael Hydes [senior pastor at The Village Metropolitan Community Church] is to lead what could be the first e-communion of coronavirus-struck Britain.

  • Brisbane doctor blasts ‘harmful’ religious discrimination bill

    February 2020 (Australia – Brisbane) – Dr Williams spoke out about the controversial legislation at the religious discrimination rally in Brisbane this month….Dr Williams said he is a Christian and also regularly attends Brisbane’s inclusive Metropolitan Community Church.


    Fevereiro de 2020 (Brasil – São Paulo) – Jacqueline Chanel, líder religiosa e fundadora da ONG Séforas….”Sempre ouvi em igrejas fundamentalistas que igrejas inclusivas eram coisa do demônio. Mesmo assim, fui por curiosidade. Chegando lá, encontrei um público de pessoas LGBTQI+, e o pastor cumprimentava um por um com um abraço antes da oração. Quando ele começou a pregar falando como Deus era bom e amava todos sem fazer distinção, eu pensei: finalmente encontrei um Deus inclusivo, um Deus que acolhe….”

  • Hagerstown church helps the homeless with a resting place

    January 2020 (U.S. – Maryland) – The Resting Place is a program created by New Light Metropolitan Community Church to help the homeless population in Hagerstown, Maryland….“The blessing for us is just meeting them where they are and see a smile,” said Reverend Deb Coggin pastor of New Light Metropolitan Community Church.


(TV Democracia – Brasil – 2020) – O programa Namastreta desta sexta-feira (14) vai receber Alexya Salvador, a primeira reverenda trans de uma igreja cristã na América Latina. A reverenda pertence à ICM (Igreja da Comunidade Metropolitana), congregação evangélica aberta à comunidade LGBTQI+.
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