MCC in the News: 2000s

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  • Mexico Gay Church

    México (2002) – Mexico…is getting ready for the fifth visit of Pope John Paul II….But not everybody feels included in the celebration….At the Metropolitan Community Church in Mexico City, a small community wants to include the outcasts from conventional Christianity.

  • Metropolitan Community Churches Delegation Meets with Brazilian Minister for Human Rights

    Brasilia, Brazil (2004) — A delegation of leaders from the predominantly gay Metropolitan Community Churches met on May 5 with The Honorable Nilmario Miranda, Brazilian Minister for Human Rights and a member of the Brazilian President’s Cabinet.

  • Lesbian couple is first to sue for nationwide recognition of marriage

    Massachusetts, U.S. (2004) – Holding hands, the Reverend Nancy Wilson [Metropolitan Community Churches] and Paula Schoenwether stood outside a courthouse in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday to tell reporters that the time has come for gays and lesbians to receive full and equal rights, including the right to have their marriages recognized throughout the country.

  • Gay couple tie the knot in a first for South Africa

    Pretoria, South Africa (2006) – Janine Pressman with the Glorious Light Metropolitan Community Churches in Pretoria on Friday became the first pastor allowed to perform marriages under the act.

  • Churches That Won’t Bury Gays? Let’s Hold a Funeral For Misguided Principles

    Texas, U.S. (2007) – In August 2007, a fundamentalist mega-church in Texas refused to conduct funeral services when it found out the deceased man was gay. Rev. Lea Brown, the openly lesbian pastor of Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church (Texas) and a veteran of the U.S. Army, has a few thoughts about that.

  • The Pastor Behind the Gay Marriage Ruling

    California, U.S. (2008) – “Little noted in the history behind the California Supreme Court decision that gives the “right to marry” to same-sex couples are the bold steps taken over four decades by [MCC Founder] Troy Perry….”

Nigeria: Enough Hatred in the Name of God OutRight Action International Capetown (South Africa)
Testifiying Before Congress in Support of Domestic Partnership Benefits & Obligations Act of 2009 YouTube U.S.
Unser Gott liebt auch Schwule Hamburger Morgenpost St. Georg (Deutschland)
Seventy couples take pride in mass gay wedding Independent Manchester (England)
Domingo a la tarde, momento de misa (Sunday afternoon, mass time) Pagina 12 Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Click to hear Troy Perry at the National Equality Rally

Click above to hear MCC Founder Rev. Elder Troy Perry at the National Equality Rally (CSPAN – 2009)


Click above to see MCC of Washington DC at Pride

Click above to see MCC of Washington DC at Pride (RyanReporting – 2009)


Click to hear MCC at the 2009 Millennium March for Equality

Click to hear the MCC Washington D.C. choir, Rev. Delores P. Berry, and MCC Founder Rev. Troy Perry at the historic “Millennium March for Equality” in Washington D.C. (CSPAN – 2000)