MCC in the News: 1990s

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Loving Couples Take Vows New Directions for Women New Jersey (U.S.)
Die Metropolitan Community Church gewährt Schwulen und Lesben religiöse Zuflucht Der Spiegel Hamburg.(Deutschland)
Click to hear Rev. Elder Troy Perry at the 1996 Lesbian and Gay Political Convention

Lesbian and Gay Political Convention in Washington D.C. – Candace Gingrich introduces MCC Founder Rev. Elder Troy Perry saying: “The Metropolitan Community Church was the first church organized to minister specifically to the needs of gay and lesbian people….” (C-SPAN – 1996)

Click to hear the 1995 Presidential AIDS Speech attended by Troy Perry

At the first ever White House Conference on HIV and AIDS, President Clinton spoke about the disease, he talked about the accomplishments of his administration and of scientific research in the fight against AIDS, and he emphasized the personal nature of this disease in its effects on countless persons and their families. MCC Founder Rev. Elder Troy Perry is present among the attendees – see 7:38 and more. (C-SPAN – 1995)