MCC in the News: 1970s

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  • Black Lesbian Bibliography: A Sampler (1979)

    Massachusetts – Black Lesbian Bibliography: Dolores Jackson, founder of Salsa-Soul Sisters and a minister in the gay Metropolitan Community Church, talks about her work as an “out” lesbian minister in a women’s prison.

  • Celebrating Gay Marriages (1978)

    Pennsylvania – The question of “Gay Marriage” has stirred controversy within recent years. Much debate and dialoge is occurring even within the Metropolitan Community Church which has brought Gay “Holy Unions” into international recognition.

  • Gay ads refused by Florida media (1977)

    Florida – Southern Bell refused to accept a paid advertisement from the Metropolitan Community Church, which wanted to describe itself in the yellow pages as “serving the spiritual needs of the homosexual community.”

  • Deaths and Arson (1977)

    Florida – The day after Ramos appeared on a talk show and openly spoke about his homosexuality, he was found dead….a gay man who appeared on the same talk show with Ramos found his car fire-bombed the following day and the home of the pastor of Miami’s Metropolitan Community Church (a gay group) was set on fire.

  • Davis afraid of gay germs (1975)

    California – “Chief Davis is a rabid homophobe who has real problems I feel with his own sexuality” said the Rev. Troy Perry of the Metropolitan Community Church “and this is the reason he continues to lash out against gay men and gay women in this city.”

  • Gays picket local radio station for acceptance (1975)

    California – Los Angeles gays recently continued their battle to force local radio and television stations to openly accept homosexuality on the airwaves….To discuss ways of achieving that end, the gays are holding an open community meeting at the Metropolitan Community Church on Sept. 17.

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  • Women's Watch - Lesbian Mother's Union (1974)

    California – ADVERTISMENT: Lesbian Mothers Union, Metropolitan Community Church, San Francisco. Helping lesbian mothers and their children….

  • Gay Pride March (1973)

    Georgia – Rev. John Gill, pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church, spoke of the need to be open and active in the struggle for Gay Rights especially the rights of Lesbian mothers and their children.

  • Blood Drive for Gays Hurt in New Orleans (1973)

    California, Louisiana – A recent fire in a New Orleans gay bar killed 29 people immediately and two more died later of their injuries. Witnesses who escaped the fire at the Upstairs lounge said it could have been deliberately set….The fire was a serious blow to the local Metropolitan Community Church. About ten of the members, nearly a third of the membership, were killed or injured in the blaze…. Persons wishing to donate blood for the Upstairs Lounge victims may do so at the Irwin Blood Bank….The blood bank should be told that the donation is to go into the Metropolitan Community Church account to be used for victims of the Upstairs Lounge….

  • Six Women's Triple Wedding (1972)

    California – Six women from Reno were married in a triple ceremony at Sacramento’s Metropolitan Community Church last Saturday. They got married in California instead of Nevada, they said, because it has been argues that the California marriage laws do not specify what the sex of married couples must be.

  • Gay Ok by God (1971)

    New York – The Metropolitan Community Church, which has large Gay and Lesbian congregations across the United States, was heavily represented by groups from as far away as California, Texas, and Hawaii.

  • Tired of Bars? (1970)

    California – ADVERTISEMENT: “METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCH – TIRED OF BARS? MCC serves the Homophile Community. Come and see God’s Love in action! We care about you! Straights welcome also.”

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