Connecting with us during a global pandemic

picture of an x-rayIt’s hard to remember that one year ago none of us heard the word “COVID-19.”  Today we are all dealing with this global pandemic, and all of the uncertainty that comes along with it.  

Over the past few months, MCC has taken considerable measures to help those within our MCC churches, and those beyond our communities, during these unprecedented times.  (You can see our official COVID-19 statements here for more information and details).  

Some of our churches have been meeting and worshipping in person, or at the time of this writing, they have recently begun to meet in person – with modified procedures according to their context that will ensure people’s safety.  Many others have been holding their worship services, social events, and other gatherings online via Zoom, Facebook Live, or by utilizing other video conferencing technologies.  Next month our MCC churches may be meeting by…well, we simply don’t know that answer.  That is the “uncertainty” that we’re all facing on a daily basis.  Some may choose to only meet in person, some may choose to only meet virtually, and some may choose to do both.    

We understand that many of you may wish to visit one of our local MCC churches TODAY and we would absolutely LOVE to have you connect with us!  In order to make those connections during these usual times we invite you to do the following:

  1. Explore any of the MCC churches listed on this website 
  2. Review the Facebook page and/or website of any given MCC church to determine how they are presently meeting
  3. If that information is not available, or you have trouble discovering information about a local church, we invite you to contact them via their listed email or phone number.

Remember, we’re all in this together and we WILL get through this together!  Until that day arrives, know that MCC is here for you and we welcome you to join us in whatever venues are safe, possible, meaningful, and welcoming to all.