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Welcome!  We’re so glad you are joining us. Thank you for taking some time to learn about this groundbreaking endeavor that seeks to connect with those who reside beyond our MCC churches and communities.  The primary purpose of this site it to HELP PEOPLE outside of MCC to learn about Metropolitan Community Churches.  It is not an advertising campaign where we are simply “pushing out” or promoting our MCC messages to the world.  Rather it is a marketing campaign and our process was based on first acknowledging our chosen audiences, their needs, their questions for us, and what they wish for to us to discuss using the language, phrases, terminology, and concepts they use and understand.  It is a campaign purposefully based on listening first, speaking second.

We now invite you to explore this website that was built for those who are our guests and visitors by going to the home page. We would then love to hear about your experiences as an MCCer, but we would especially welcome your feedback about how you believe those outside of MCC may view and consider the content on the “We’re Seeking You!” website……so be sure to return to this page (and click on the link provided below) to share your thoughts.  You’ll also find information below that provides you with marketing assets to help us to share this website in your corner of the world, as well as information regarding the ways you can update your church listing page.


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Help us to share our “We’re Seeking You!” message with the world

Click here to visit a page that contains guidelines and visual assets your church can use to help promote the “We’re Seeking You!” website.  It is our hope we can encourage more and more people to visit with our individual MCC churches and communities by first providing them with this convenient, online safe space that allows them to learn about MCC as a denomination and movement at their own pace, in their own ways, and according to their own comfort levels.

Help US to help YOU by announcing the creation of our “We’re Seeking You! website.   Let’s join together in letting the world know….MCC is “SEEKING YOU!”



Request changes on your church listing page (BEFORE 11/09/2020)

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  As you consider making requests for changes please do so from the perspective of an “outsider,” consider how those who reside beyond our MCC communities are viewing your church listing page, & please be mindful that our website viewers will not recognize individual names or faces nor will they know our backstories and/or when a given photograph was taken.  They will look at your church’s photos the way you look at general stock photos.  They will read about your church as people with “fresh eyes” who may know little or nothing about MCC or organized religion, and not as people established within MCC or the Christian faith. 

Please also remember that our goal is to “introduce” all of our local churches and to use the brevity that is often associated with marketing and promotional endeavors on your church listing page.  The content is meant to entice people and is our hope some people will take the suggested next steps by actually clicking through to your website or your Facebook page, they will reach out to you via your contact information, and/or they may visit with your church (physically or online).  These pages are not meant to act as expansive or exhaustive sources of information in and of themselves.  They purposefully do not contain the comprehensive information, or the regularly-updated information, that is best suited for your actual church websites or social media pages.   Finally many MCCers may end up using these church listings as a kind of ad hoc “MCC Church Directory,” (and that’s great!) but please remember the primary goal of this particular marketing website is to design pages that seek out and serve the needs of others, and it is not actually a directory.