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Metropolitan Community Churches across the globe

Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) has a presence in over 20 countries, and on every inhabitable continent.

Iglesias de la Comunidad Metropolitana (ICM) tiene presencia en más de 20 países y en todos los continentes habitables.

Igrejas da Comunidade Metropolitana (ICM) está presente em mais de 20 países, e em todos os continentes habitáveis.

MCC in the Press

  • MCC members Ride with Pride

    January 2021 (Florida - U.S.) - "Members of Suncoast Metropolitan Community Church joined last week’s Ride With Pride event from the church into downtown Venice on a sunny afternoon...."

  • Give a li’l and take a li’l: A Waco church’s mini-pantry

    January 2021 (Texas - U.S.) -  "The Central Texas Metropolitan Community Church has some new furniture outside – a mini-pantry for people to donate food or take food as needed.  The idea came from an incident at the church’s food pantry a few months ago, where someone snuck in through an open window after hours and stole food."

  • Twenty years of marriage equality? No, not for disabled Ontarians

    January 2021 (Ontario - Canada) - "Twenty years ago, on Jan. 14 2001, the world’s first modern-day same-sex marriages were celebrated at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto....You can imagine how shocked I was when I recently discovered that 20 years later, we STILL don’t have marriage equality in Ontario...."

  • La iglesia cubana que abre sus puertas a la comunidad LGBTIQ

    Diciembre de 2020 (Cuba) - ICM es una confesión protestante que plantea una interpretación liberal del cristianismo, basada en el respeto, el amor y la justicia. En Cuba, no solo da la bienvenida a la comunidad LGBTIQ, sino también a quienes adscriben a religiones afrocubanas, desaprobadas en la mayoría de las iglesias del país....

  • For Clergy Who Ministered Through the AIDS Crisis Covid is Both Eerily Familiar and Puzzlingly Different

    December 2020 (U.S.) - This article explores MCC as the 'Church with AIDS,' its paralells with COVID, and it includes interviews with various past and present MCC pastors.

  • A book and a family tree uncover Hamilton's little-known role in gay liberation

    December 2020 (Hamilton - LA - U.S.) - In Robert Fieseler's book, "Tinderbox: The Untold Story of the Up Stairs Lounge Fire and the Rise of Gay Liberation," Fiesler reviews the event that was for decades the deadliest crime against the LGBTQ+ community in the United States; and he thoroughly explores the life, death, and legacy of MCC's Rev. Bill Larson.


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